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Around the world, there is growing interest in changing the way we take care of ourselves – our bodies, minds, and spirits. There is a growing impetus for a paradigm shift, a switch from mere reactivity – trying to treat or fix our problems – to a proactive and holistic approach to addressing and preventing the root causes of our personal ills. Recognizing and understanding the intersection of the spa Industry and the myraid wellness modalities, the unique concept of our exception Wellness Spa and Salon was born.

We will be a sought-after oasis as we will have the ability to reboot the body, mind and soul. The variety of our Wellness Spa and Salon  will be is endless... From detoxing, to a full integrative medical facility. From a formal holistic university, to belly dance classes or even qi gong classes. From a destination spa to an exclusive invitation only social club. These days, spas attract couples looking for a romantic break, women throwing friendship bashes, overworked urbanites seeking peace of mind, or a quick nip/tuck. Gueye Rejuvenation Spa and Salon will have it all. 

If you're feeling worn out from the stresses of your daily routine and need an escape, need to address a specific ailment with tailored programs, need a complete makeover to look and feel your best, looking for a romantic get away or want to just have fun, you will not need to look any further. Our Wellness Spa and Salon will be a High-Profile, Luxurious, Holistic, Wellness and Beauty Spa that offers it all. Located in Dakar, Senegal (West Africa), this wellness spa and salon will offer a variety of holistic  programs.

What we will offer:

Health and Wellness Programs
Rejuvenation and Longevity Programs
Life Extension Programs
Stress Reduction Programs
Weight-Loss and Fitness Programs
Body Building Programs
Glamour and Beauty Programs
Anti-age Programs
Holistic Nutrition Programs
Holistic Metaphysical Programs
Social Mastery and Etiquette Programs
Educational Programs and Classes

An effortless way to escape

We will make all arrangements for you from your door to our door.

Although our spa will offer ample square footage and a plethora of luxurious amenities, we will pride ourselves rather in the quiet, practiced skill of our therapists, the variety and caliber of our treatments and the elevated state of being in which our guests will emerge. We will utilize only organic ingredients in all therapies and offer fine organic dining.

A safe and secure environment

In order to ensure a secure environment, we will provide integrative innovative technologies and maintains a highly skilled and motivated workforce. We will employ ​highly skilled doctors and specialist. 

Experience a tranquil environment that embodies the essence of wellness


Come Look and Feel Your Best

Learn, Relax, Detox, Heal, Indulge!

Gueye Rejuvenation Spa and Salon

Our services include ancient treatments dating back from 5000 BC to the most Innovated, Advanced Beauty Laser and Infrared Treatments available today. All services are administered in the Royal Manner.

What we will also offer:

Bed and Breakfast
Fine Organic Dining
Live Entertaining and Dancing

Belly Dance and Qi Gong Classes

Fitness and Tennis classes

An Indoor Fitness Pool

Holistic Food Preparation Classes

Salon Treatments

Beauty Laser Treatments

Full Body Slimming Capsules

Meetings and conferences Rooms

Wedding Packages
An African Tour Package

Gueye Rejuvenation Spa and Salon



Gueye Rejuvenation Spa and Salon will be an Integrative luxurious rejuvenation spa and medical center located in Citi Africa, Oukam, Senegal, where under the direction of Dr. Valinda P. Gueye, patients and quests will experience a balanced and conscious approach to health, wellbeing, rejuvenation and beauty.

In our clinic area, Gueye Wellness Center, we will integrate the best of traditional Western medicine with multiple modalities of complementary medicine to help our patients achieve optimum health, longevity and beauty.  Our doctor’s approach will involve looking beyond obvious symptoms and taking into consideration the patient’s whole being.  Dr. Gueye recognizes the broad web of interaction between the organ systems of the body, and with this principle, her team will treat a wide range of health problems and will specialize in Preventative Medicine, Anti-Age Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine, Biological Medicine, Cognitive Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Sports Medicine, Genetics Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Botanical Medicine, and Holistic Nutrition with a commitment to being conscious and compassionate healers.

It is estimated that 80% of all chronic illnesses is due to diet and lifestyle. We want our patient’s to know and understand that to get truly well, most people with illness will have to change some aspect of their diet and/or lifestyle.  We will offer both natural remedies and excellent nutrition as well as conventional treatments.  In fact, we're at the forefront of scientific and medical research; constantly looking for technologies and therapies to prolong the youth and beauty of our patients, to assist them to reach their ideal weight, to maintain an overall healthy body and to reduce stress from their lives. We are also constantly searching for technologies and therapies that lead to lifesaving cures for diseases.  But as you'll soon see, that's only the beginning.

The environment at Gueye Wellness Center will be designed to create an atmosphere of healing and well-being.  The goal is for each patient to walk through the front door and experience a sense of peace, tranquilly, splendor and positive possibilities that sets the stage for the healing process to begin.

Our Spa will be a destination spa offering a residential area for limited stays, a day spa that offers a uniquely customized level of service where each moment of the journey caters to the guest’s selected intention, as well as a holistic medical clinic.  Through the careful stimulation of senses, guests are enveloped in a haven of relaxation.  A treatment at our day spa is a perfect way to relax on a weekend getaway. Offering luxury treatments and relaxing massages, specifically designed for women, men, and couples.  The Spa seeks to create pathways for each guest to inner health and external beauty.

The Spa is the perfect way to relax during a romantic getaway, an urban retreat or a long-term healing resort. A list of spa treatments will be detailed below.

Through internal balance, healthy eating, fitness, genetics and anti-aging medicine, re-education of habits, natural therapies, and cognitive stimulation, ones potential for longevity is greatly enhanced...


Our team will include expert macrobiotic consultants, specialists in various medical disciplines to include Preventative Medicine, Anti-Age Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine, Biological Medicine, Cognitive Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Sports Medicine, Genetics Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Holistic Nutrition and more.  We will also have expert masseuse, chefs, specialty teachers and a long list of other prestigious professionals.

All GUEYE experts will offer broad inspiration and multifaceted techniques for continual transformation and personal insight. We will assist patients and guests by strengthening their weaknesses, removing their deficiencies and teaching practical strategies for enhancing their lives.


The GUEYE Method combines the effective elements of modern medicine along with modern macrobiotics and the curative powers of natural therapies with a dynamic and practical educational program, totally personalized to satisfy the needs of each person and his or her health and beauty endeavor. Each patient and guest will be offered a daily program of diet, exercise, classes and therapeutic treatments specifically related to their needs.

In our university area, American University of Holistic Sciences, we will provide training in Integrative Medicine (IM) and Complementary Medicine (CM).