Gueye's Health and Beauty's international expansion to Senegal has been a tremendous feat as well as a brilliant success. We have strategically positioned ourselves here and have created a massive economic / job surge in rural areas of Senegal and throughout Africa. We have developed a new trade association of the natural products industry in various African countries. Our new “Natural Products Industry” include organic foods, herbs, drinks, oils, butters and ingredients used by the food and cosmetics industries. Absolutely the most nutrient dense, opulent and luxurious products are now available to you in our online store.


The Circle of Life In Action

Africa - Where it all starts from

On the continent of rhythm, under the African Sun, an enormous diversity of both familiar and exotic rare plants are pulling their nutrients deep from these rich, ancient soil. From the lush African rainforests, valleys and plains, to our very own organic, bio-dynamic farms in Noto Guey Diama, Senegal, we offer you the purest, most potent and powerful botanicals from the Motherland of us all. 

Good For You  

Gueye brings to you the most synergetic, multi-dimensional, holistic and natural, life changing products available today. All Herbal Supplements are Organic and Non-GMO. Most of our personal care products are formulated with absolutely no chemical ingredients. The few that do, contain no more than 10 % of gentle, food grade and plant derived chemical ingredients that are completely safe. We are a company that cares...

Good for the African People

When you purchase our opulent products, you are providing the indigenous / rural society's economic power which encourages education, health and wellness, employment opportunities and conservation. You are changing the lives of many; You are providing a New Standard of Living; You mean the world to your family in Africa.

Good for America

We are maintaining American jobs by purchasing all packaging supplies, labels and other items from the U. S. All of our company’s artwork are provided by American graphic artist.

For Gueye’s Health and Beauty

You have given Gueye’s Health and Beauty the honor and privilege to be a force of peace and good on this planet.  To nourish, to heal, to beautify and to change the lives of so many. You have given us a more solid reputation as one who gives back to the community allowing us more exposure in our community here in Dakar, Senegal… Government officials here have recognized us publicly and are so honored of your participation in giving so much to its citizens. 

Good for Africa

The botanicals that we purchase - We only purchase from producers that have set up tree and plant nurseries and that monitor the condition of trees in community forests and in the wilderness of their own volition. In some countries, producers have developed new systems for tree conservation. They carefully protect naturally regenerating seedlings that would have previously been eaten by livestock or cleared or burned for agricultural expansion. We have seen this new-found knowledge and understanding of biodiversity friendly harvesting and conservation practices being passed to producers without outside intervention.

The botanicals that we grow - We carefully cultivate all manner of food, herbs, and other botanicals including exotic, rare endangered flowers and plants. We do not buy endangered plant species. We have also produced our very own flower and plant species through hybridization which offer distinctive health and beauty benefits. 

Our Goal

​Our current goal is to empower and benefit a population of 38,637 people by providing employment and business opportunities. We envision ourselves contributing to the development of business in this area that will represents 75% of their annual income.

Social and cultural impact

One of the most satisfying aspects of Gueye's Health and Beauty Africa’s work is seeing first hand evidence of women who through Biotrade feel more empowered as they gain greater financial independence. This is often realised as producers get larger incomes from the sale of natural products which they typically re-invest into other household enterprises such as constructing houses for renting out, sewing, livestock, micro-credit schemes or kiosks. This enables them to gain increasing returns and to break the cycle of poverty. In this way, the producers are better able to meet their basic needs necessary for day to day survival – and through, for example being able to send their kids to school, will also break the cycle of generational poverty.

Gueye's Health and Beauty has seen powerful examples of social and cultural renewal in some communities where we work. Often young people regard cultural traditions surrounding the harvest of native species as backward and old-fashioned. But with increased interest from outside groups, and increased incomes from  native species, young people have begun to see these trees as something they want to learn about and understand again. Youngsters began participating in traditional festivals promoting native species use and conservation, and became proud of their cultural heritage again.

Our work has also seen producers forming themselves into groups and cooperating with one another. Groups are important as not only do they enable better administration, but they also empower producers to work collectively, thus strengthening social ties and local networks and strengthening the fabric of society. Recent research illustrates how

the majority of producers involved in natural products trade were also engaged in conservation or development groups, while only a handful of non-participating local people were involved in groups.

Economic impact

Gueye's Health and Beauty works to create and support small biotrade businesses to gain the tools they need to be sustainable and profitable. This is done by involving these businesses and communities in value adding activities which encourage responsible business practices, technological transfer, product innovation, job creation, increased incomes and retaining biodiversity and promoting economic growth and trade integration throughout the region. Small to medium enterprises affiliated to Gueye's Health and Beauty employ more than 500 skilled and semi-skilled people, with potential to become multimillion dollar enterprises.

Gueye's Health and Beauty affiliates also works with marginal households that lack formal, stable sources of income. Many of these households are female headed, are aging, and have low levels of education, often preventing them competing successfully in formal job market. These households frequently have difficulty meeting their daily needs such as food, education, and healthcare, typically subsisting on less than a dollar a day. Over the past 3 years Gueye's Health and Beauty has engaged with over 15,000 primary producers per annum, with more than 60% of these being women.

Despite the trade being in its early stages, primary producers have already earned several millions of US dollars from their supplies of raw materials. Prospects of boosting these incomes are huge. In some areas, incomes for primary producers have trebled (tripled). Trade in our focal species is a supplementary job that is done during the course of 2-6 months of the year. The beauty of this is that natural products harvesting and processing can conveniently fit around other household income generating activities. In addition, having access to actual cash income (in areas where many rely on barter trade) is vital for paying necessities such as education, food, healthcare and investment into other businesses.

The Massive Economic Surge

Our Impact

... Alleviating Poverty and Protecting Biodiversity

Gueye Project Africa 

Offering Americans Exceptional Products from the

Motherland While...

​​​​​Gueye Project Africa

A Government Endorsed Project

For You – For the African People – For Gueye’s Health and Beauty – For the America

For years, many of our American clients have requested that we bring to them ingredients from the Motherland... and that's what we are doing!

By purchasing from Gueye's Health and Beauty Africa, you are alleviating poverty.  We have created a robust and sustainable organic natural products industry and a bio-dynamic, organic food and herbal industry, while ensuring the conservation of indigenous biodiversity.